the COllective heART



In 2014, artists Allison Harrell and Andre Mistier met, fell in love, and began creating public-scale artworks with the goal of sharing positive messaging and everyday magic.  the COllective heART took shape.

In 2015 they debuted their first project a 14 foot metal heart animated by colorful LED sequencing and a curation of music. The heart activation is powered by human connection and skin contact.  Shown in multiple places around the country, the Heart will soon be making a longer stay in Del Ray Beach, FL.

It followed that project with 2019s “Work Together” a mural on the Waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn created to inspire people to look up and use their minds and hearts to connect.

Debuting 2019 is their new project, Artsquared…


The collective operates from Brooklyn, New York.  To get involved or to learn more about The Collective Heart,